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New one!!!
 mixed_marriage - (rainydai)
12:44pm 25/08/2005
A.N.D. posting in MultiCultural Unions!
Hello everyone. I came across this community and thought it was a great idea. Ok let me jump to it! I am Irish, Black, Blackfoot Indian, Cherokee Indian, Russian, Austrian, French, Italian, and probably more stuff somewhere in there but that's the main mix.
My husband is German and Scottish. We have known each other since I was 12 and he was 15. We were really in love at first sight! We were married December 21, 2000. We have 3 kids, Chloe who is 3 yrs., Aiden who is 16 mos., and Faye Ella who is not even two weeks old (born August 14, 2005.) Here are a few pictures of our little family.

My new daughter Faye Ella

My son Aiden

My oldest Chloe

My husband and me
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(no subject)
08:30pm 25/08/2005 (UTC)
What are gorgeous family!

Welcome to the community, It's gonna be great getting to know everyone.... I just joined a few days ago myself!

So, Welcome!
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09:47pm 25/08/2005 (UTC)
very cute baby it makes me want a girl, I have a 1 yr. old boy. You guys are gorgeous.
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03:37am 26/08/2005 (UTC)
toesock29: sandbox
You have such beautiful children!!
Where are you guys from?
picword: sandbox
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