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What do your wedding sets look like? How much were they?
 mixed_marriage - (opaloctober)
06:50pm 23/01/2010
C:\\World\Crap\Kristina.exe posting in MultiCultural Unions!
I'm just curious, I want to see all of the variations and styles you guys picked out, I've seen some beautiful ones here, and i've heard a lot of people talk about getting theirs from Etsy. I took a look there and found lots of pretty ones, so I want to see what you picked out. I got my wedding set from WalMart jewelery, and it cost me a little over $240. It's two tone white and yellow gold. The only thing is, i've gained weight, and when I bought it, it fit (it's a size 6 1/2) and the other day when I took it to get a quote at the jewelery repair place to get it sized, my ring finger is a size 7- 7 1/2 now. They're charging me about $194 to size both my engagement ring and wedding band, I thought that was a lot, considering how much I paid for it. There's another jeweler near that same place that I think i'll take it to for a quote before I decide where i'm going to take it to be sized.

Here's a pic:

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