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 mixed_marriage - (caramelkiss80)
12:42pm 24/08/2005
Carole posting in MultiCultural Unions!
I was so excited when I saw this on someone's userinfo from another group I'm in (weddingplans)!!

My name is Carole and I am 25 years old, I'm black and I live in Cleveland Ohio. My fiance is 27 and is half Mexican and half Polish. We've been together for two and a half years, engaged for six months and plan to get married March 10th 2007.

So far things have been wonderful when it comes to our families. I have always dated white and/ or hispanic guys so my parents weren't tooo shocked when we said we were getting married. Actually, I went to Undergrad with Ben's ( Fiance') sister and knew his whole family for four years before I met him... He was in the Marines and then in school as well. So it has been smooth sailing with the immediate family for the most part. Our extended families have been a little leery about us. My father's family is from Alabama and are very color struck and believe in staying with your own. No one had ever really said anything when I had other long term relationships and even though what they know about Ben is all wonderful, some still have issues. My grandma has made comments that are just pure ignorant- but is excited that our babies will have "good hair" since I already do. I knwo she is an old lady and grew up in that environment but it still hurts. My half brother is pissed that I am marrying someone who isn't black- and to add insult to injury, made a comment that he doesn't even look Mexican anyways!

But besides all of that, I don't care because I love him and he loves me. Of course it is going to be more difficult for us than with other traditional couples but we're ready. Almost all of my friends have dated interracially and two have married outside of their ethnicity/ race. Ben's friends on the other hand have not and we are like a freak show to them, sad to say.

I am so happy to have found a community that I can come to and share joys and concerns about our upcoming nuptuals and our lives together as newlyweds.

By the way, here's pictures of us in Vegas in 2003- yeah I'm a loser, I need to get more updated pics!

Here we are!Collapse )
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Allow me to introduce myself
 mixed_marriage - (toesock29)
03:10pm 22/08/2005
toesock29 posting in MultiCultural Unions!
Hello all - My name is Amanda, my husband's name is Roger and that cute boy in my icon is our baby Alex.
Quick history:
My sister and I were born in Chile, and raised in a white American family (adopted). My sister and I have always considered ourselves Hispanic, to which my old fashion mother says "You're white. You're practically white". My mom never liked when we would date black guys, and then we'd get into the whole discussion of dating within our race.. "Mom, if you find a Chilean man within 200 miles of here - I'll go out on a date with him!" .. "you're white". Whatever.
So I met Roger in college and I knew I was going to marry him. I also knew at first sight he had some Asian in him and it crossed my mind what my mom would think. So I told my family about how in love I was and planned to introduce Roger. And my mom never said anything about him being Asian (he's actually half Korean). She still says now that she doesn't think he looks Korean. Whatever. In anycase, she loves Roger, she loves loves our baby.
The hardest part about the two of us getting married was I could not, for the life of me, find a bride and groom to go on our cake. All the stores in the Ann Arbor area only had a white couple (blond hair bride - doesn't match) or a black couple (doesn't match). Finally, I just put flowers on top of the cake. :)
I think this community is such a great idea. Cheers to openmindedness :)
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 mixed_marriage - (snowbitch)
12:17am 23/08/2005
Snowgurl posting in MultiCultural Unions!
I am a Chinese living in Malaysia and I am engaged to a wonderful American (his ancestors are from German, but he hates sauerkraut...) USCIS is currently processing my visa application and we hope to be able to ship me there by May 2006 so that we can have a June wedding.

My parents are against this relationship and I can only wear my engagement ring in my bedroom. It's pretty sad actually.

He has visited once and my family were not too nice to him. Hopefully, he can win them over in his next two visits so that my family won't give me so much grief when I visit him during Christmas.

Here's a pic of both of us...

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(no subject)
 mixed_marriage - (pinkmush)
10:11pm 18/08/2005
pinkmush posting in MultiCultural Unions!
My wedding is going to be informal, small, and considerably casual. Justice of the peace wedding on the beach, then a reception dinner at a classy Italian restaraunt near the wedding site afterwards. Is it considered rude or bad wedding etiquette to ask that guests to pay for themselves, or should we pick up the tab? My fiancee thinks guests should be required to pay for themselves, considering how casual our wedding is, and taking into fact that we are limited financially. I think it would be rude to require them to do so. Who's right here?
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(no subject)
 mixed_marriage - (pinkmush)
05:11pm 17/08/2005
pinkmush posting in MultiCultural Unions!
Eh. Wedding plans are still chugging along...need to find a good place for invitations...preferably beach-themed, any suggestions?
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lj user name change
 mixed_marriage - (crayzmame)
05:38pm 09/08/2005
from jahwehw to crayzmame
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(no subject)
 mixed_marriage - (xxmarkiexx)
11:49pm 08/08/2005
Hello all Im mark Im getting married to the creator of this community pinkmush and I thought Id just say hi.
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New Here
 mixed_marriage - (jahwehw)
02:52pm 08/08/2005
Hello, im Leondra. 26, married, NY, mother of 4 boys, 4 miscarried children, due 1-14-06.
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(no subject)
 mixed_marriage - (toomuchfashion)
12:36pm 08/08/2005
Mia posting in MultiCultural Unions!
Great idea for a community!

My name is Heather, I'm 23 and I'm marrying a guy named Ian, he's 22. We live in southern Louisiana. He's a student at the University of Louisiana and is graduating in the fall and I am a makeup artist. We've been dating for nearly three years and we're getting married on December 30th. My mother is black and my father is from Germany and Ian is of Irish descent (complete with the red goatee!). We have yet to experience any hostility toward our relationship, but most people don't realize that I am biraical, so that could be the reason. I'm quite excited to have our families meet and mix at the wedding, and I don't forsee any problems. By chance my aunt (mothers sister) and his grandmother worked together for years before we met. When I first met his grandmother and she found out I was half black, she went out of her to way to make sure I knew that she loves black people and if she could have she would have marched on washington during the civil rights era. And she loves to tell everyone that she was born on the exact same day as Martin Luther King Jr. LOL I'm babbling now. I look forward to getting to know everyone here! :)
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(no subject)
 mixed_marriage - (pinkmush)
10:33am 08/08/2005
pinkmush posting in MultiCultural Unions!
Hello and welcome/thanks for visiting!
I thought it was about time for creating a community such as this, since each time I search for one there are none to be found!
Mixed couples/marriages should be represented too!

Share your wedding stories, plans, photos, engagements, and such with us here!
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