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(no subject)
 mixed_marriage - (urbunnie)
10:32pm 11/09/2005
urbunnie posting in MultiCultural Unions!
I'm freaking out tonight because I found out that my FMIL wants to have the Korean ceremony immediately following our Jewish ceremony. I know, I know. We are multi-cultural and this should be fine with me. I really do want a Korean ceremony because mixing our cultures rocks, but I'm totally freaking out about not being able to wear my wedding dress for the reception and messing up my hair and makeup. You see, for the Korean wedding, I have to wear traditional Korean garb and they paint red dots on my cheeks. I talked to my FH about switching the ceremony to the night before, during the rehearsal dinner, but we're both afraid this would be insulting, plus there probably wouldn't be a photographer then. My FMIL doesn't speak very good English, so communicating with her about this won't be that easy. Even my FH has trouble talking to her. As it is, we've been engaged 2 months (dating a year and a half) and his parents haven't spoken to me yet about anything.

And overall, yeah, I'm selfish. I want to look like a Jewish bride for most of my wedding day and I don't want to have spent all that money on my dress and alterations and hair and makeup only to have people see it for, oh, 20 minutes.

But, does anyone have any suggestions about ways to deal with this? Or how are other multi-cultural brides handling this situation? I should add that she lives 6 hours from me, so a visit for explanations probably won't happen for a while.

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(no subject)
03:47pm 12/09/2005 (UTC)
toesock29: animals
Can you switch the ceremonies and do the Korean one first, and then do the Jewish one so you are dressed the way you'd like to be photographed for the rest of the day? Would that work for time reserved for the rabbi? Would the Korean ceremony still be at your grandma's?
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